FAQs: How to Buy & Sell

Kindly see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section below for information on how to buy and sell on Nomaloo.

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FAQs Quick Steps

  • Sign up for free
  • Click ‘Submit New Listing
  • Describe your items/services well and include detailed photos
  • Check the box ‘Sell on site?‘ and post ad
  • Fill in your bank details in your dashboard (‘Earnings‘ section)
  • Receive payouts directly into your bank.

Registration: How do I post ads & sell directly on site?

Sign up for free
Click ‘Submit New Listing’ on your dashboard
Describe your advert well and make sure to include pictures.
On Step 3 (‘Price‘), check the box ‘Sell on site?
Submit your ad.

Customer Order Confirmation: How to confirm customers’ prepaid orders?

Go to the Earnings section of your dashboard
Confirm the four digit ‘Order ID number‘ given to you by the customer.

Delivery Timelines: How long do I have before I deliver?

The delivery deadline is 2 days after customer’s payment date, including Saturdays (excluding Sundays & public holidays). Please note that customers can request refund(s) if you fail to meet-up/deliver on time.

Proof of Delivery: How do I protect myself from fraudulent refund claims?

The following details must be obtained before a customer collects the product from you (via meet-up or delivery) or receives a service from you.
– Customer’s First name
– Order ID Number (Ask the customer before writing it down)
– Customer’s Order Phone number (Phone number entered during online checkout)

Bank Details: How do I set up my payout bank account?

See ‘Earnings‘ section of your dashboard
Find ‘Payout Settings
Select ‘Bank Transfer
Enter your bank details
In the unnecessary fields, type ‘0000’ (four zeros) and click ‘Save‘.

Payouts Timeline: How long before I receive my payout?

The sooner you deliver, the sooner you receive your payouts. Payouts will be processed within 2 working days (including Saturdays) if your customers confirm that they have received their orders. See Customer Order Receipt Confirmation section below.
Otherwise, funds will be credited into your bank account within 5 days after your customers’ payment date. This includes Saturdays and excludes public holidays. However, payouts will not be processed if the customer had applied for refund with valid refund reason(s). Please see our refund policy here. Nonetheless, refunds will not be processed to the customer until we confirm with seller/advertiser (if necessary).


FAQs Quick Steps

  • Sign up for free
  • Find a product/service to wish to purchase
  • Inform the seller of your intent to pay online
  • Click ‘Buy Now‘ & Pay online via this website.
  • Wait for delivery or meet up with the seller.
  • Inspect used products carefully.
  • Collect your product(s) & enjoy your purchase.

Online Payment: How do I buy/pay online for my orders?

Find a listing you’re interested in.
Inform the seller/advertiser of your intent to pay online
Click ‘Buy Now‘ and proceed to checkout. If the ‘Buy Now’ button is not available, you may contact the seller to enable the option for you. Please note that it is up to the sellers to decide whether to enable this option or not.
Pay for the item/service
Check the ‘Orders‘ section of your dashboard & confirm that the order is marked as ‘Completed
Confirm your ‘Order ID Number‘ with the seller/advertiser
After seller confirms your order, seller should begin preparations for delivery or meet-up depending on your preferred mode of delivery.

Important note: All successful payments will be marked as ‘Completed‘ in your dashboard. Check the ‘Orders‘ section of your dashboard & confirm that the payment order is marked as ‘Completed‘. If order is marked as ‘Processing’, kindly contact us immediately.

Delivery Fee: Should I pay for delivery?

At the moment, we recommend that you pay the delivery fee only after you have received your product. You can also review our safety tips.
Nomaloo is not affiliated with sellers/advertisers on the platform. Therefore, we do not recommend that you send payments directly to any seller/advertiser. You do so at your own risk.

Return/Refund Policy: Can I request a return, refund or exchange?

Tap here to read our return & refund policy. Kindly allow 2 working days including Saturdays (excluding public holidays), for the seller to organize a meet-up or delivery depending on your preferred mode of delivery.
Currently, we only offer refunds for prepaid orders for physical products. The payments must have been made via this website, and the only payment link is accessible by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button on the advert/listing page.

Customer Order Receipt Confirmation: How do I confirm I received my order so that Seller can get payment sooner?

You can confirm that you have received your prepaid order by sending us the following information via WhatsApp/Telegram chat.
Confirm‘-space-‘your Order ID‘-space-‘your Order Phone Number
For example: If your Order ID is ‘2023’, and the phone number you used during checkout is ‘08023456789’; send ‘Confirm 2023 08023456789’ to us via Whatsapp or Telegram. Once you do, you acknowledge that you have received your order and your payment will be released to the seller.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other concerns. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.